Ricky Lancelotti (Рикки Ланселотти)

Ricky Lancelotti (Рикки Ланселотти)

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Дата смерти: 07 апреля 1980 года

Ricky Lancelotti (Рикки Ланселотти)

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Ricky Lancelotti (Рикки Ланселотти)

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Ricky Lancelotti (Рикки Ланселотти)
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shung, 8 марта 2013 19:39
In the late 1960s, Rick Lancelot sang in a band called Wolfgang. They were managed by (and named after) Bill Graham. Lee Sklar played bass.
He also sang in a band called Sky Oats. They performed the title song of the movie Pacific Vibrations (1970). Jim Keltner was the drummer.

Ricky Lancenlotti recorded with Frank Zappa in 1973. Results of this can be found on “Over-Nite Sensation”, “The Lost Episodes” and “Lather”.

from the liner notes to Wonderful Wino, The Lost Episodes version:
   “The version of this song is especially notable for the presence of one of the most powerful and disctinctive singers to perform with any Zappa band, the late Ricky Lancelotti.
Said Frank: “He auditioned for the band, passed, went home and got ripped, and broke his arm. I said 'Rick, you're not going to make the tour.'  He used to carry a.45. He had a cassette in which he imitated 100 cartoon voices in 60 seconds. I thought he was really talented. He wanted to get work as a cartoon voice guy, but never did.  O.D.'d.  An old New Jersey tough guy.”
At a particularly memorable 1972 Hollywood Palladium MOI concert (of which Zappa held fond recollections of Lancelotti singing 'Smog Sucker”, the lion-maned vocalist favored the crowd with ferocious scat-singing whenever FZ was inspired to beckon him from the wings. Frank would open and close his hand in a gesture symbolizing a talking mouth, and Lancelotti would magically appear on stage and begin bellowing."

Ricky Lancelotti passed away on April 7, 1980.

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